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Phill is 62 and lives in Bedford. He joined the Air Force when he was 17, in the catering core, and then went on to work as a chef, running a restaurant for ten years. He was diagnosed with probable early onset Alzheimer’s in 2009.


A bit about Phill

Phill and his wife, Wendy, are supported by Tibbs, part of the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment project (DEEP). It uses Red Nose Day cash to help ensure people with dementia have a voice.

The diagnosis

“I was scared when Wendy suggested I should go to the doctor. I’d never been poorly before and didn’t know anything about dementia before I was diagnosed.”

“The doctors gave me a number of tests and I was diagnosed with probable Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I thought ‘Does this mean I’m going to be stupid? Is it going to kill me?’. At first I don’t think I accepted that I had dementia and a lot of anger came out.”

It is predicted that there will be over a million people with dementia by 2021 in the UK.

Source: Alzheimer's Society

Discover some of the things that keep Phill going


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Wonderful Wendy

“Wendy and I didn’t know how quickly or slowly the dementia would develop. Thankfully, my changes have been much slower. We’ve done pretty good so far and have had some great times.”

“I keep as busy as I can and do my bit. I think all that helps me to live happily with dementia and, on a day-to-day level, it doesn’t affect me because Wendy is there to deals with things.”

Keeping going

“I’m a big believer in that you have to keep yourself going. If you stop and don’t do anything week in and week out, you’re going to lose everything.”

“Once you know you have dementia you can’t fight it, you have to accept it. I don’t know much about it but I presume one bright day it will kill me although I rather hope I have another 20 years. Who knows?”

Fundraise and make a difference

Improving life for people with dementia and their carers is very important to us and just one of the many issues we fund in the UK, together with our work in Africa. For ways to join in this Red Nose Day, download a free Fundraising Kit.

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