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Red Nose Day is the day in the U.S. annually and every two years in the UK, when people across the land can get together and do something funny for money at home, school and work. There’s a fantastic night of TV, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously. The event debuted in the U.S. in 2015 and is back again this year for another star-studded live TV event and day of fun-raising in the U.S. on May 26!

What is Red Nose Day USA?

Red Nose Day is a special day for Americans to come together to have fun and make a difference for kids.

Red Nose Day returns this year to the U.S. on Thursday May 26, 2016. The day's events will culminate in a two-hour live primetime TV special on NBC, featuring the biggest stars across comedy, music, TV and film. Funds raised go to the Red Nose Day Fund which distributes the money through programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated. Red Nose Day USA is run by Comic Relief Inc. in the U.S. and Comic Relief UK are independent sister organizations that are joined by their shared vision of a just world, free from poverty and the mission to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

How to get involved in RND USA

It’s so easy to join in with Red Nose Day USA and make a real difference. Go to rednoseday.org to find out more about Red Nose Day in the USA and getting involved.

Go to rednoseday.org

Where the money goes

The money raised for Red Nose Day USA will support poverty-focused charities working both in the United States and around the world.

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