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Use our brand new interactive story with your pupils to learn about Ngosa, a nine-year old girl who lives in Zambia. The story combines film clips, audio and images to help your pupils get a real sense of where and how Ngosa lives. They can use it on their own, in groups or at home.

For tips on how to use the interactive story with your class, download the teachers' notes.

See how well your pupils know Ngosa, download the quiz.

Technical requirements

To use the interactive story, please make sure your computer has Internet Explorer 9 (or above) or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome installed. Find out more about upgrading your browser.If you are using an iPad, make sure it is running iOS 7 (or above) and is turned to landscape.

Start the story

Let us know what you think of the interactive story, email interactive.story@rednoseday.com.