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Professor Stephen Hawking stars in Little Britain sketch for Red Nose Day

March 12th 2015

Theoretical physicist enjoys a laugh with David Walliams

The worlds of cosmology and comedy are set to collide as theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking guest stars in a brand new Little Britain sketch for Red Nose Day.

Written by David Walliams and the Dawson Brothers, the one-off special will see David reprise his role as naive yet loveable Lou Todd, who is now a carer for Professor Hawking.

Set in the grounds of St John’s College, Cambridge, the sketch also stars Catherine Tate as a nun and will be narrated by Tom Baker

Professor Hawking said: “I decided to take part in the sketch because I enjoyed Little Britain and I loved the script. I support Red Nose Day. It funds so many worthwhile causes.”

The sketch will be shown as part of this year’s Red Nose Day night of TV, Comic Relief – Face the Funny.

 “This is a fantastically exciting sketch as it stars Professor Stephen Hawking, which is like having Isaac Newton in a sketch,” David Walliams said. 

“It is an incredible thing just to meet him, let alone work with him. It’s very special that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and agrees to be in a silly comedy sketch.”

Speaking about Comic Relief – Face the Funny, which will be live from the London Palladium on Friday 13th March, David said: “I’m thrilled Mr Bean and the Vicar of Dibley are coming back for the Red Nose Day night of TV, and this sketch is, in some way, the return of Little Britain. Hopefully there’s going to be loads of must-see TV moments throughout the night.” 

You can watch all of the action on BBC One from 7pm and if you can’t wait until then, check out the trailer for Comic Relief – Face the Funny